Business Plan Development for the Greater Renfrewshire and Inverclyde LEADER Programme, commissioned by Renfrewshire Council.
Campbell Macrae Associates worked closely with the existing Local Action Group to develop the required business plan, articulating how the LEADER Programme 2014 – 2020 would be delivered locally.  This involved local consultations and individual meetings with potential LAG participants.

LEADER in Fife – Local Development Strategy, commissioned by Fife Council.  
Campbell Macrae Associates worked closely with the Local Action Group to develop the strategic approach for LEADER in Fife over the 2014 – 2020 Programme.  This included attending local consultation meetings.

Provision of Guidance and Training, commissioned by Tyne Esk LEADER.
Working closely with members of Tyne Esk LAG, we assisted them to develop a more robust scoring framework for applications to ensure consistency in the use of public funds.  We also developed induction guidance to assist new LAG members understand and appreciate their role and responsibilities.

LEADER in Fife – Local Development Strategy, commissioned by Fife Council.
In autumn 2007, Sandra worked closely with the LEADER in Fife LAG to develop the Local Development Strategy for 2007 - 2013 in support of the LEADER business plan.  The LAG was awarded funding based on its Strategy and Business Plan.  In the previous LEADER+ programme, only East Fife was included but this was extended in the new programme to include parts of West Fife

LEADER+ Business Planning for East Fife and Lomond and Rural Stirling, commissioned by Fife Council and Forth Valley Enterprise respectively.
In 2002, Sandra facilitated the development of Business Plans in support of LEADER+ status for both East Fife and Lomond and Rural Stirling.  These commissions involved working with a large group of stakeholders with different remits and aspirations to achieve consensus on the approach to be adopted to realise the opportunities presented by LEADER+.  Thereafter socio-economic profiles and business plans were developed.  Both areas successfully achieved LEADER+ status.

Follow on work was undertaken in both areas in the form of induction workshops to assist LAG members understand LEADER+, what it sought to achieve, their roles and responsibilities, the application process, assessing applications, etc.  We also undertook a second workshop session with the Lomond and Rural Stirling LAG around 18 months later to review its business plan, application protocols and Action 2 projects.  

Initial Consultations for Scottish Borders LEADER+ Programme, commissioned by Scottish Borders Council.
This exercise was a precursor to the development of the business plan and sought to tease out the aspirations of a variety of stakeholders, as far as LEADER+ was concerned.