Why use Campbell Macrae Associates?

As a one person business, Campbell Macrae Associates offers a high quality, personalised service, with Sandra Macrae bringing her considerable depth and breadth of experience to every project.  Unless working with a specified and agreed associate, all work on all assignments is undertaken by Sandra herself.

Sandra always strives to establish close working relationships with clients, working with and not just for them.  She likes to adopt a pro-active approach, takes pride in her thoroughness and is always willing to go the extra mile when required. 

Sandra favours a non-confrontational approach to achieving positive outcomes and this pays dividends when working with groups of stakeholders, usually all with slightly – or even very – different agendas.

Many assignments involve project development and we work alongside clients to translate basic concepts into practical projects that stand a better chance of being delivered.  Sandra is always very clear that although she can support project development, ownership lies with the client and they must take an active role if their project is to be successfully delivered as she will not always be around!

Sandra is often asked to work in a team and she has built up a portfolio of consultants in other disciplines, including architects, landscape architects, interpretative designers and market researchers.  Depending on the requirements of individual projects, an appropriate team can be assembled.